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Lyndee Mah & A String Ensemble

Formed in 2014, Lyndee Mah & A String Ensemble takes its inspiration from the great works of singer-songwriter and political activist Malvina Reynolds. Highlighting the progressive ideals of equality and social justice with passion and humor, Lyndee Mah's powerhouse vocals are backed by percussionist Tim Ennis, Joel Munn on upright bass, and multi-instrumentalist and fiddler Tom Vredevoogd.

Saints & Sinners Gospel Show
Church of Acoustic Redemption

Saints & Sinners Gospel Show
Church of Acoustic Redemption

Like the protest singers of the mid 20th century, Lyndee Mah & A String Ensemble harness music as a channel for societal reflection, community involvement, and social change. Mah’s rich, potent voice leads the ensemble, while currents of guitar and bass, and touches of accordion, percussion and fiddle supply an accomplished backdrop. Besides reinterpreting the iconic anthems of the civil rights era, the group’s original compositions and arrangements address the social issues of today such as homelessness, cultural differences, gender oppression, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

A compelling reminder of the uplifting power of music, Lyndee Mah & A String Ensemble perform songs of empowerment, toe-tapping folk classics and original new tunes throughout the Portland metro area – never forgetting that music is love and love is music!

Meet the Band

Joel Munn
Joel Munn, upright bass

Joel Munn, Upright Bass

Bassist, Joel Munn has been playing bass since he switched from violin after leaning in Jr. High that the bass was too big to take home and so practice time was limited to school hours only. Since then the bass, both acoustic and electric, has been a constant companion through his life. Joel played with the U of O Jazz Lab, the Central Oregon Community Band, jazz; blues and rock cover bands, classical composition premiers and folk singer hootenannies. He currently juggles holding down the bottom end for the horn rock band "Treble in River City", the folk group, "The Lustful Monks" and a member of the group “Lyndee Mah & A String Ensemble"

Tim Ennis
Tim Ennis, percussion

Tim Ennis, Percussion

Percussionist/vocalist Tim Ennis is a long-time student of West African and Caribbean music. He leads the old-timey Hops & Honey String Band, records with electronic dub stalwarts Systemwide, and also performs with trad-jazzers The Spotted Cat Jammers.


Tom Vredevoogd
Accordion + Fiddle

Tom Vredevoogd is an award winning multi instrumentalist and contest fiddler. While his art school degrees went utterly to seed, he has been a devoted student of jazz and traditional music.